Wednesday, February 16, 2011

CheeZsteak - Build it your way.

CheeZsteak; The subway of cheese steaks.  Because of the different ways you can create your cheese steak, this has become my favorite place to grab a cheese steak.

  1470 N. State Street
  Orem, UT 84057

Price of Meal:

  12 inch(+) cheezsteak $8.49
  3 extra toppings $1.75
  Total + tax $11.04.


I have driven past CheeZsteak a few times and have always thought I should stop.  I was held up at lunch today so I wasn't able to go out with the lunch crew. I was out and about on the town for a late lunch and decided to give it a try.

Walking in the doors I was a little confused as to where I should place my order.  I couldn't see a menu anywhere.  Lucky for me an employee pointed me to the place to place an order (on the other end of the restaurant) Once there I was able to see the menu behind the cashier (it has been hidden by the grills ventilation system). It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to order, I think it must have been a slow brain day for me, I am sure most people would not have this problem.

I think the best way to describe how the menu and the ordering works is subway.  I would say this place is a like a subway that specializes in cheese steaks.  So for those people who like to customize what they eat, then this place will be great for you.

Their base sandwich comes with meat, grilled onions and a choice of cheese. Each additional topping is a little extra, with mini-topping combo deals such as 3 toppings for $1.00 (for a 6 inch) instead of a $1.50.  I personally love the idea of the customized steak sandwich. I already have in my mind what I want on my sandwich and I usually have to ask to have it made that way (which isn't always possible.) They offer a plethora of toppings , enough to make the pickiest of eaters happy.

Today I went with the 12 inch sub (actual length was 14 inches) with 3 additional toppings.  So in addition to the grilled meat and grilled onions I had cream cheese, grilled mushrooms, grilled green peppers, and banana peppers.  The cream cheese was grilled right into the meat and vegetables which I love (I suppose they could put it on the side if you wanted). The meat was a good size. Not too chopped up as to be minced but not so big you could choke on it.  It was tender, and over all seemed to be a high quality beef.  I would have preferred more black pepper, but I will know for next time.

Over all the sandwich was excellent (how could it not be I made it the way I like it). After finishing my sandwich I was completely stuffed. My only gripe that I have is that the price pushes this way past a simple lunch, but more into the realm of dinner which will cause me to hesitate to eat here on a regular basis.
I might have to say in this case, that sometimes quality just cost more.


Today's Sandwich: 9
Overall Sandwich: 9
Customer Service: 8
Overall Satisfaction: 8



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