Thursday, March 17, 2011

Chubby's Cafe - Satisfied my craving for a Reuben sandwich

I have been craving a Reuben sandwich for who knows how long, and Chubby's Cafe's Reuben hit the spot. It was spot on good.


670 West State Road
Pleasant Grove, UT
(801) 785-1503

Price of Meal:

Reuben Sandwich & fry $6.99
8 Buffalo Wings + Jumbalia $7.49
Toatal + tax $15.57


It was back to Chubbys for lunch today, but this time it was for a Reuben sandwich that I have been craving since the last time we ate there. I normally don't review things others other Wings and Phillys so I decided to get an order of wings as well just so I could review them.

The Reuben was what I would consider a true Reuben sandwich. Corned hash piled high with sauerkaout and a Russian dressing all between two pieces of grilled spiral rye bread. One word for you Yummy!  OK so the sandwich hit the spot and it didn't disappoint my craving, which sometimes puts more pressure on the food because now I have talked it up so much in my head that even the smallest imperfections can ruin it.  As a word to the wise, when eating this sandwich make sure you eat it first (I usually eat my fries first before they go cold) but in this case I waited too long to finish the 2nd half of my sandwich and the bread became soggy from the sauerkraut.

I didn't go with the beer battered fries this time like I did last time, and just went with the standard order of fries, which were pretty good. By this time I was getting pretty full and I hadn't even gotten to my wings.  I ordered their spicy wings, which were your traditional Louisiana style wings (my favorite, gold star to them) and they were described as being hot.  Usually most places definition of hot is not my definition, but in this case I felt they really were actually hot.  They had some kick to them, sure they didn't make my eyes water or my make my mouth run for a drink, but they were just hot enough as to not distract from the flavor.  Over all I was pretty impressed with the chicken wings. The sauce was think, the dipping sauces were free, the chicken was well cooked, but not overdone.  They are not the best wings I have had, but they are certainly worth ordering again.


Wings: 7
Customer Service: 8
Overall Satisfaction: 8


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