Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Steak & Everything Grill - A little piece of Mayberry


  1650 W. Center
  Provo, UT, 84604

Price of Meal:

  $8.02 - Includes: Philly & Everything + additional add-on (cream cheese), onion rings and a drink.


Today the lunch crew decided to go to "The Steak & Everything Grill" aka. "The Great Steak Sandwich co." The restaurant had a Mayberry feel to it, the kind where you could have a "my usual please" order. Our server was very friendly and helpful. We had a large group of guys with us today, all with strange requests but she handled it with grace.  She had no problem when one of the lunch crew ordered a shake and told her to bring him something tasty. I think I have tried this at other places only to have them make me pick it myself.  I actually swapped out my order of fries for an order of onion rings well after I had already placed my order, but once again it was no problem for our server. 

There was a bottle of ketchup and fry-sauce on almost every table, which apparently is becoming one of my eating out experiences pet peeves when sauces are not provided for free, and in abundance.

The onion rings were great, the cheese steak was dry for my liking (makes me wish I would have added some marinara sauce.) The taste was eerily familiar to the Italian places Philly 'n' Everything, which is not a bad thing.

The bun was fresh and had a good heavy feel to it, but I felt it could have been cut a little deeper and the toppings could have been stuffed more into the bun.  The whole time eating my sandwich I had to keep stuffing the toppings back into the bun.

Even though the portions appeared to be smaller than I would expect I walked away very full, and remained full for most of the day.  I guess sometimes your eyes are smaller than your stomach.


Today's Sandwich: 6
Overall Sandwich: 6
Customer Service: 9
Overall Satisfaction: 7


The Steak & Everything Grill

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