Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Magelbys - Docs Power Buffet


  1600 N. Freedom Blvd
  At the Courtyard Marriott
  Provo UT, 84606

Price of Meal:

  Docs Power Buffet $14.99 (with coupon $10)


I find it difficult to review a buffet. Typically the point of a buffet is to offer a large variety of food as you can for the lowest price possible. Usually this lower price comes at a cost in food quality. I know this isn't always true, but I wanted to state my expectations when it comes to a buffet. With that said, onto the food.

Docs Power Buffet as it is known, features carved roast beef, peel & eat shrimp homemade soups, and a dessert bar.

The roast beef was wonderfully seasoned with fresh cracked black pepper corns, accompanied by a light and tangy sour cream sauce (more of a lightly flavoured horseradish sauce. The meat was thinly sliced and cooked to perfection. I really could have skipped all of the other food and just eaten the roast beef until I was full, but then whats the point of a buffet?  Well quite honestly, I probably should have just gotten the roast beef.  The rest of the buffet kind of lacked in comparison, setup by a high expectation of the roast beef.  I guess you cannot go wrong with peel & eat shrimp because there is no preparation on the restaurants part. So other than having to peel them myself they were great.

The service was on par with what you would expect from a nicer sit down restaurant, with Doc himself greeting people at the door. I think it is a nice touch to have the owner greeting people, it shows a vested interest in their business and portray a feeling of trust. It is kind of like sitting down for dinner and the cook is eating his own food.

Over all the roast beef made the buffet good, but at the price of $14.99 I would be hard pressed to return for a second trip. Although with my coupon (which is easy to get and worked for the whole group) the meal was only $10 bucks which I feel is more in line with the cost of a typical buffet.

Magleby’s on UrbanspoonRating:

Today's Food: 6
Customer Service: 8
Overall Satisfaction:7



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