Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rocky Mountain Wingshak

The Wingshak (as I call it because saying "Rocky Mountain Wingshak, just takes to long) provides some tasty wings at a slightly high cost. For around 9 bucks you get 8 wings of one flavor, fries or tots (I love the tots choice) and a drink. 9 bucks is a little more than I like to spend for lunch, but I do like the wings so I usually end up eating here frequently.

The Wingshak provides 12 different flavor of wings. 8 flavors of the buffalo style, and 4 of the sweet style.

Buffalo Style
· Mild · Medium · Hot · XX ·
· Garlic Pepper · Hot Garlic Pepper ·
· XX Garlic Pepper · Lemon Pepper ·

Sweet Style
· BBQ · Pineapple BBQ · Hot BBQ · Teriyaki ·

Today I ordered the garlic pepper wings, which in the past have been my favorites but today they seemed to be a little closer to the mild wings. They were lacking in pepper and garlic. Will I order them again? Of course, I have had them before and usually they are excellent.

Customer service was great. We were greeted warmly by the cashier, and at multiple times were asked how things were by both the cashier and the cook.

The most important thing behind taste (obviously) is for the money did I get my fill or do I feel like I need to eat again after I leave. The answer to this question is no.  I always leave full, which makes the 9 bucks easier to swallow.


Today's Wings: 7
Overall Wings: 8
Customer Service: 9
Overall Satisfaction: 8


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