Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Native New Yorker

Every time I pass through Show Low Arizona I have to stop by the Native New Yorker to eat. The tradition started with the day the restaurant opened (I happened to be around when it did) They had great grand opening prices which made me buy a lot of wings, and I have been addicted ever since.

391 W. Deuce of Clubs
Show Low , AZ 85901
(928) 532-5100

Price of Meal:

Wings: $0.65 each (normal)
Wings: $0.39 each (Tuesday & Thursday)

Over the years that I have been going to the Native New Yorker it seems that my infatuation with the place has been dwindling. I haven't decided if it is because the food/prices are changing and I no longer think their wings are the best thing since sliced bread or if local places closer to home are finally catching up. 

They have a wide selection of wings which I love and depending on the day they can cost anywhere from $0.39 cent to $0.65 cents each.  When they first opened they were only $0.25 cents a wing. I was like a kid in a candy store.  I order a few of almost every flavor they had.

Here is a list of their wings.  I have tried them all except the Suicide (I love hot and spicy things, but I strongly believe the spice should never distract from the over all flavor and experience.)

This sauce is butter flavored with no spice! A.K.A. Wimp Wings!
Zesty with a little "bite"!
Straight hot sauce, they'll make you sweat!
Non-returnable! Need we say more?
Barbecue Hot
A tangy combo of our Hot and BBQ
Honey Hot
Sweet then spicy…tantalizing.
Spicy Honey Mustard
A unique combination of our home made honey mustard and hot sauce
Honey Barbecue
Sweet and BBQ-eeee!
Homemade for our BBQ lovers
Oriental Garlic
Delicious Asian flair!
Pineapple Teriyaki
Hawaiian pineapple and teriyaki
Asiago Parmesan Dusted
On our mild wigs
Strawberry Hot
Sweet Heat! "Dad's Recipe".
Mandarin Orange
This sauce is the perfect blend of citrus and spice!
From the list above my favorites are the Spicy Honey Mustard, a flavor that I haven't been able to find at any other wing shop I have eaten at.  I think you have to somewhat like the flavor or mustard or you may not like these wings.   They are a lot sweeter than you would think, but with just a touch of heat and bitter (from the mustard). They really are a thing of beauty.

The Medium wings are always good.  I like these wings because they are of the Louisiana style of wings which are my favorite.  They closely resemble the kind I make at home and love.  They have a nice butter base with a little heat and a taste of vinegar... Oh my mouth is watering while I type this.

The service is always different when I eat at the Native New Yorker, sometimes is pretty good other times it leaves me wishing I had a glass of water. Because of the up and down nature of the service I don't think its a restaurant culture thing, but more so luck of the draw.

Over all I enjoy eating the Native New Yorker. I  heard they have other food there, I think I have even tried some of it, but I don't go for the burger or steaks. I go for the wings.  So if you are looking for some great tasting wings and you are in the White Mountains area. This is a must stop.


Overall Wings: 8
Customer Service: 6
Overall Satisfaction: 7

Native New Yorker

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